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  If you've just heard of FloatHub (or stumbled upon this site), you probably have some questions. As a starting point, understand that FloatHub is two things:


  • FloatHub is a device that connects to various systems on your boat. It then transmits a stream of information about the state of your vessel to a data storage system on the internet. 


  • FloatHub is a website that allows you to interact with your boat's data by setting up an Online Account. You can see vessel information in realtime, set automatic alerts, look back through your boat's history, etc. 


  The data collected, stored, and available for viewing includes battery levels, weather conditions, location, water depth, and pump activity. You can learn more about the physical device by reading through this overview. To understand what features and services are available with a FloatHub Online Account, go here



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    Hi -

    Today we did some bilge cleaning and bilge pump auto cycle testing to see how the unit behaved with significant water 10-15 gallons.  The pump worked fine, but the date posted from our floathub was puzzling.  We started this work at about 08:30 EST with a couple of long on cycles, then noticed the pump cycling off then on as fresh water slowly made its way to the pump. Pump ran for at least two cycles of several minutes, then did a dozen 5-10 sec cycles over the last hour or so.   Our Floathub captured the events, but I'm puzzled by the voltage drop from 14V to about 12V just from bilge pump cycling.  (200Ah battery bank is constantly maintained by a shore power inverter that shouldn't even notice a 3A bilge pump draw.)

    The plot of bilge run time today can't be correct either - 60K+ seconds? The number of bilge cycles is showing about 6 when I checked a minute ago, which is more than the two long cycles but less than the total number of run cycles.  

    I noted another forum post relating to confusing bilge run data attributed to missing on/off signal pairs and some reprogramming, but it sounded like that got resolved.  Basically, I'd like to know that my alerts (bilge cycle of >30 sec or more than 3 cycles per day) will be reported correctly.  And I'd like to make sure the battery voltage readings are reasonably accurate. Thanks

    Is there any way to get time stamped raw data rather than the graphical output from the webpage?   I find the plotty charts hard to work with since the time scale is  

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    FloatHub Support Team

    As we are going to send some specific info about your account, we will respond to this post shortly by private e-mail.

    For those reading the public forums, there is currently no simple way to get raw data for arbitrary time periods (although there is for detected trips).

    One workaround for this to click on the plotly icon for editing the plot in chart studio:



    This will take you to the plotly site (plotly is the graphing library that the website uses). There you can see your plotting data in an spreadsheet-like interface and highlight your data to cut and paste into another application.


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