What is a FloatHub Online Account?


  An online FloatHub account will let you see current data about your vessel anywhere you have access to a browser. You can view the current state of your batteries, check to see how much your pump has been running, or check the local temperature. This is all done with a simple, browser-based interface. 

   When logged into your FloatHub account, you can also create automatic alerts. If you want to receive, say, an email every time you vessel leaves a pre-defined area, you can easily do so. You can also trigger alerts based on voltages, pump frequencies, environmental conditions, and several other factors.  

   A standard FloatHub account is free, and will let you see the most recent snapshot of your data. You can also enhance your account via a paid plan that will give you access to more historical data and let you set more alerts. 

   More details are available on the FloatHub Plan Pricing Page.


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