Pump Data not Propagating

I'm seeing some strange information on the floathub site.  I installed a floathub about a week ago.  The floathub website indicated that my bilge pump hadn't ran during the week which was not entirely surprising.

When I got to my boat this morning around 8am, as a test, I decided to dump a bucket of water into my bilge.  The Wifi in the marina isn't the best so the website didn't update until about 9:30.  But when it did the graph of bilge pump activity indicated that the bilge pump had run for 1.5B (Billion?) seconds:

It ran for about 5 seconds at the first go and then a couple more times as wakes hit us. 

But the site is also saying that no pump activation has occurred:

Nor is my bilge pump alert being triggered (I set the alert to very low to provide another indicator) although the pump has run for more than the threshold.


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